BugLooper provides Salesforce consulting for companies that are serious about CRM and data integration. You can leverage our deep expertise in Salesforce to improve your business’s bottom-line performance. Using Salesforce as the foundation, we’ll help you build streamlined processes that work together. We’ll enable your Sales, Marketing and Services teams to greatly improve their productivity and effectiveness through more efficient information sharing.

BugLooper is a full-service consultancy for Salesforce and is able to provide configuration, best practices as well as apex, visualforce and lightning development services to our clients – all with certified and expert resources.

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Reading CSV/Flat Files

Introduction This article is showing one of the ways to efficiently reading a CSV/Flat Files using Apex code without breaking the character encoding. Read from Content Version Apply character encoding Read data line by line Read more…

Setting up Salesforce DX

Introduction Salesforce DX is changing the way developers used to code and making it better in terms of team collaboration, source driven development and faster testing and deployments. There are multiple development models in Salesforce Read more…

Stateful Apex Batch Classes

Introduction This article intents to show how we can save state of batch class member variables for all serial batch jobs running in background for a single batch job. Use Cases When you want to Read more…